About Us

Providing excellent, on-time service and staying on the cutting edge of reprographic technology has made Andrew T. Johnson Co. indispensible since 1938.

With roots in the Beacon Hill neighborhood our company has a commitment to delivering the highest quality product technically possible.

Our History

Andrew T. Johnson started our company in 1938 on Beacon Hill. His wife, Evangeline, kept the books and did the billing. Expansion and successful operations were linked to keeping up with the latest technology and providing quality services. By 1947, Andrew T. Johnson Co. was employing fifty employees in several locations.

In 1978, after years in business, Mr. Johnson passed away, and the company was bought by veteran employee Warren K. Leslie. Shortly after taking the helm, Mr. Leslie opened the Wales Copy Center in Lexington. In 1980, he founded Beacon Hill Courier Service, Inc. to answer the need for reliable personal deliveries.

For the last decade, Andrew T. Johnson Co. has again been updating equipment to keep abreast of the latest innovations in printing and reprographics. Our list of services expanded to include digital plans, large format scanning, plotting to file, large color, high speed digital duplication and more.

With the skills of Robert W. Leslie, Warren Leslie's son, as president since 2004, Andrew T. Johnson Co. is again poised to grow. We offer an online digital planroom, and are adding high-speed communication and upgrades as reliable technological advances become available.

ATJ has proven to be an incredibly reliable company, providing a hands-on approach to their work with a quality result. We have utilized their printing and distribution services for our largest school projects. There is a reason why we have been working with ATJ and only ATJ for the past 15 or so years when it comes to our printing needs, and that is because they are amazing at what they do!

Kristen Baker, Ai3 Architects